Imported Marbles

The imported word looks too primitive. Usually these types of marbles are termed as Italian marbles. However, it is imported from various other countries also.

Point 1

A name which resembles that it is not an Indian product but something which is imported.

Point 2

Imported marble are richer, more sophisticated and delicate as compared to Indian marbles. This elegance and luster make them very popular across the globe.

Point 3

At Hardik , we provide you with the best
quality marbles sourced from leading mining destinations including Italy, Spain, Turkey and Brazil.


Special Point 1

Over the years, people have shifted their preferences to imported marble sectors, however, the beauty of Indian marbles still carry the same significance.

Special Point 2

Along with importing marbles, we continue to maintain a high standard in rendering Indian marbles to our clients.

Indian Granite

Special Point 1

The qualities of Indian granite such as density, strength, p-wave velocity, tensile, etc. make it a great option to be used for different purposes.

Special Point 2

We have our own granite quarries through which we intend to provide the best materials
with minimum variations and precise specifications.


A good finishing can enhance the aesthetic of the material and significantly increase its value in the

Point 1

At Hardik Marbles we provide a wide range of finishing techniques and use state-of-the-art technologies. Irrespective of what finish you require, we are capable of catering to your every need.